Irish Road Trip {our last hurrah of summer}


We made it back to Italy from our trip home to America last week, and almost immediately (36 hours later) jumped on a plane to Ireland.

The trip seemed like SUCH a great idea months ago, but SUCH a ridiculous thing the day we landed in Milan. Now that we have had a few days to catch our breath, unwind and explore in Ireland- I’m so very glad we came.

The thought was this- August in Milan was miserable last year, so let’s escape the heat and go somewhere cooler! Ireland is a place we wanted to visit while living abroad, and we pictured that the weather would be lovely in late summer. (ironically, Milan has had a very cool and rainy August- ha!)

Who am I kidding? Honestly I was really worried that the kids would freak out about having to leave home and fly back to Italy, and I was hoping to bribe them, just a wee bit.

It worked.

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The infamous {expat} shopping list.

Our time in Idaho is growing short. Rather than cry into my giant mug of coffee, I have been a whirling dervish this week, armed with my ever growing shopping list of things that we want to take back to Italy with us.


This is a strange phenomenon to people that have not straddled two countries with their family. But anyone who has lived out of their home country for awhile knows exactly what this shopping wish list is about!

It’s not that we can’t buy things in Italy. You really can buy just about everything you need, and more… just not everything you sometimes want!

Some items just cannot be found. Some things require a car, a train, and a trek on foot to *maybe* find them.  Some things can be found but they are ridiculously overpriced, and sometimes you just need a little taste of home.

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The in-between.

Backyard at home in Idaho

So we’ve been home for 3 weeks. And it has been divine. Except for all of the doctors appointments- I’d much rather be playing.  Getting everyone set with clean teeth, new glasses and updating immunizations for the coming year is exhausting! Although even that has not been so bad because of this 1 thing.


It’s all in your perspective of course, but the instant I started driving around and running errands it hit me. There’s no stress to driving, to talking to the doctor or going to the pharmacy or picking out new glasses.  Grocery shopping? It’s a breeze. A BREEZE, I say!

I’m enjoying every minute. Our days have been filled with friends, appointments, food, shopping for the upcoming year, and more time with friends.

The thing that has been strange is the feeling of not being at home, but being a visitor in my own home and town. Not a tourist but not a local at the same time. Which is exactly how I feel in Italy.

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Still Smiling. {surviving the first year of expat life}

Expats in Italy

We just passed the 1 year mark of moving from Idaho to Italy, and I’ve been thinking about what has helped us through the past year.

If you are moving to another country, adventuring forth on your own expat adventure, or just want to crawl inside my nutty mind, I thought I would share with you what has been helpful for us. (And by us, I mean me.  ha, ha!) Several things come to mind… Continue reading