One Day.


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One day.

Today I am joining in the fun of the One Day Hollywood Housewife project. The idea behind this is documenting the little details in our lives. The things that aren’t usually “post worthy”.

If you’ve never met Laura, from Hollywood Housewife, you really should!

I’ve never met her either, but you know how online friends are, they share their lives and suddenly you feel like you are buddies. I mean that in the most nice + non-creeper way possible. ha!

Laura blogs about her life as wife, mom and friend- living in Hollywood. She shares lots of fun stuff, and stuff that makes me think..

Anyway, I’m jumping in to this project today. Come follow along on Instagram… Or better yet, join in wherever you are!

It will be great fun! You can search #OneDayHH over there and see posts from all over the world- the little details of peoples lives, which I find FASCINATING!

I have no idea what my day will hold, other than it’s a busy one- hence the ginormous coffee cup in my first picture above.

I’m getting ready to head out of town for a few days so it will be filled with exciting stuff like grocery shopping for my family, a quick trip to the mall for last minute things for my kids, and packing.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Salone del Gusto in Torino, something I’ve dreamed of attending for years. Can’t wait to share my delicious finds with you…


one day. |


I can’t wait to look back at the end of the day what the snapshot of this chapter of our lives looks like.

A fun perspective for sure.


<3 H


Bergamo. {travel tuesday}

Bergamo |

 Bergamo | October, 2014

Bergamo |

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Summer Farro Salad.

Summer Farro Salad |

Have you ever tried Farro?

I had it for the first time when I was in Umbria a few years ago. We tried it first in a salad similar to this one. Then in soup, and in a risotto with shaved truffles.

We were hooked!

Farro is an ancient grain that has been eaten for centuries by the ancient Romans and people near the Mediterranean.

Summer Farro Salad |

It is used in soups, salads, or side dishes. It can replace rice, wheat berries or quinoa in almost any recipe.  It’s delicious in risotto, replacing the usual Arborio rice.

I love to use it in tabbouleh, or make a side dish with farro, pesto, pine nuts and cherry tomatoes. So simple and delicious.

But this way is my absolute favorite!

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36 hours. {Cinque Terre}

36 hours. {Cinque Terre} |

Our friends from home came to visit early in the summer, and we decided to do a quick getaway to Cinque Terre while they were here.

Many people know Cinque Terre from the GORGEOUS photos of its beautiful villages clinging to the sides of the hills above the Mediterranean Sea. It seems to be the darling cover girl of the travel magazine world.

It’s been on our list of “must see” places, we just hadn’t made it there yet. Let me tell you, it was just as beautiful as the photos, if not more so.

Definitely a pinch me moment when you are standing next to that gorgeous water with the colorful buildings tumbling down the hillside behind you!

36 hours. {Cinque Terre} |

Many friends from Milan have gone there as a day trip, but that seemed a little overwhelming to me. Doing an overnight stay was ideal for us.

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Five Italian Food Blogs I Adore…

Farmers Market, Italy

I LOVE a beautiful food blog.

They inspire me to plan better meals, to look forward to cooking for my family, help me dream of places I’ve never been and makes my day generally more beautiful + delicious.

I’ve always loved Italian food, but since living in Italy- I’ve been reading Italian specific food blogs more than ever before.

Here are my 5 favorite Italian Food Blogs in no particular order!

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